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How does Yachtii work for Candidates?

All you need to do is register and complete your profile, build your network, apply to jobs and become part of the Yacht/ Company.

What makes Yachtii amazing?

Yachtii is a platform for the Yachting industry, Provides an Networking, instant communication, notifications a modular matching algorithm that will get better and better as the system grows and becomes populated.

What is Yachtii's talent management solution?

Yachtii Allows for users to Search, Review, Shortlist, Schedule Interviews and Hire the right candidates for the right jobs through the system.

How does Yachtii work for Crew Agents?

Crew Agents can register an account with the ability to Post jobs, review candidates setup interviews online and manage there clients recruitment through the system with in house messaging on Web and mobile Apps.

How does Yachtii work for Employers?

Simply search for Crew Step 1 Companies can register a profile fast and free with the ability to add new and existing yachts to their fleet. Step 2 Companies can then search, add connections then assign Yacht managers, Captains or crew to the Yachts. Step 3 Companies and Captains can assign user rights to crew members to the yacht and start crewing.