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About Us

Yachtii is an ambitious and dynamic startup company within the Yachting industry with huge passion for people, yachting and technology. Our primary focus will be to innovate the recruitment process and improve lives in the Yachting industry through a specialized mix of networking. Offering a streamlined yacht recruitment management solution with some great features aimed at increasing crew retention, communication and creating the best user experience all round.

With extensive first hand experience on the Yacht recruitment and job seeking fronts we have looked at possibilities to improve and innovate the recruitment process and make it better. We understand that communication is the key to success and we have simplified the channel of the approval process by providing an open source platform.

YACHTii features 

  • Immediate direct access to all available candidates / job market.
  • Create a new job templates in two minutes using job description templates. 
  • One click/swipe job application process.
  • Saving users time and saving yachts money.
  • Integrated Payment gateway
  • Validated ratings and references of each candidate.
  • Easily find and recruit day/temp workers online through the app.
  • Live, private, efficient and enjoyable keeping users updated - push notifications.
  • Location based networking platform for yachting industry.
  • First full Web, iOS and Android app for recruitment and networking. 
  • Users control the recruitment process increasing satisfaction.

We are striving to build the best worldwide yachting platform and community connecting all employers, captains, crew, recruitment agencies, training providers and all companies in the yachting industry. Sharing knowledge and information in one central online platform to make the industry even better. 

 Our company focus for near future will be the extension of the platform with the launching of a variety of on demand services to all our users making things easy and efficient. We want YACHTii to be your company with the aim of creating a passive income revenue streams for our users harnessing the power of technology. This will be the best platform in the yachting industry.

We look forward to welcome you onboard the YACHTii platform and we would love for you to enjoy using our services and growing with us. All your feedback and advice is welcome.

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